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2006 Gekko Sports Corp Gekko Pre-Owned in Mc Queeney , TX 78123

Ad Number: 189480

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Posted By: boats_boats This item has been viewed 42 times.
Posted On: 3/13/2019 10:41:48 AM Location: Mc Queeney , TX 78123
Ad Expires: 4/12/2019 10:41:48 AM Contact Info: 830-865-3251  Contact Seller

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Price: $1

Condition: Pre-Owned

Vehicle Description:
GEKKO 06 SOOOOOOWHAT IT LOOKS DIFFERENT. GEKKO THREW THE BOX AWAY I think it looks aggressive and sharp Ive been selling boats for over 50 years and focused mostly on ski boats. The well known names like Nautique, Mastercraft and Malibu dominate the market. But there is always a small boat builder that develops something that kicks the big boys asses. I know because Ive been to the ski boat tests several years and seeing the difference. Its because they dont have the age or name recognition and they dont limit themselves to copying the big boys. GEKKO is one of those that defied normal traditions. So in order to sell boats they build a better boat. Gekko is a very different looking inboard ski boat, much shallower ski boat which is perfect for water skiing. You can reach over the side to retrieve skis or help the skier without a struggle. PERFECT It has a concave V bottom instead of a straight or convex V. The concave helps suck the boat to the water making it much harder to move around sideways by an aggressive skier. It would take a boat of 1,500 lbs or more in weight to equal the stability of this boat. The most unique difference is the transom sticks out further back in the center increasing the wheel base if it was a car giving the rudder and prop more effect on the performance and handling of the boat making a huge difference in the stablility without out adding to the overall size and weight of a much larger boat which would make a much larger wake..not cool for a slalom ski run at all. Gekkos ski wake is tiny, I MEAN TINY This again, is why their boats are different, but engineered so well. They believe in not just thinking out of the box, but throwing the box away. Call us @830 865 3251 or email We have unbeatable financing and this boat is so nice we are providing a one year warranty. Look forward to hearing from you.

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